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Summit 2021

What’s this event all about?

The Nordic People Analytics Summit is envisioned as an annual event bringing together the community of HR and People Analytics to share ideas and discuss ways to harness the full potential of data and AI-innovation to improve and empower data-driven HR function.

On stage, we are bringing some of the most forward thinking HR and advanced people analytics practitioners of different positions and responsibilities in the department, from both the private and public sector in the Nordics, covering not only strategy and innovation, but topics that will provide you with a holistic approach to value creation of data and information, and turning this information to action.

The Nordic People Analytics Summit is a place for all HR and People Analytics practitioners working with utilisation of people analytics to improve their HR capabilities and enable faster and workforce sustainable business performance.

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Towards Intelligent and Empowered HR

Strategy focus

Strategy and People Analytics Deployment

ROI focus

Applied People and Workforce Analytics

Technical focus

People Analytics and AI

Who should attend?

The Nordic People Analytics Summit is tailor made for every professional or organisation working with, or interested in taking proactive measures based on advanced data analytics to find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase employee performance and retention. If you are working with the following discipline, then this is a must-attend event.

During the summit you will find peers with the following titles:

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Schedule 2021

Day 1‎|‎27th of April
Day 2‎|‎28th of April
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Hurry up! Ticket price is 2000 SEK for a limited time!

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2021 Edition Speakers

Alceu Corrocher Junior

Head of People Analytics – Business Unit Managed Services

Mark Hayton

Global Lead – Organization Development Analytics

Pieter Weijnen

People Analytics Data Scientist

Manana Rtskhiladze

Global Workforce Analytics Lead

Alessandro Linari

Head of People Analytics
Vodafone UK

Peter V.W. Hartmann

Director, HR Analytics and HR Business Intelligence

Lei Pen

HR Analytics Manager

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Commitment & Bigger Benefits

We know that HR and People Analytics are an integral and important part of your business and being out of the office can be an inconvenience. But it’s because you’re so integral to your business that you need to keep abreast of the industry’s latest developments. This summit will bring you right up to date.

The Most Up-to-Date Content

The summit covers topics that matter the most to today’s HR operational leaders and People Analytics practitioners. You’ll return to the office ready to accelerate your People Analytics efforts.

Need to Know Basis

We cover the topics that matter most to today’s data-driven HR and People Analytics professionals and top it off with a healthy dose of innovative and practical action points and key takeaways.

Great Chances for Networking

With 120+ like-minded data leaders joining, with both structured and informal networking sessions provided, it’s a brilliant opportunity to forge new professional contacts.

People Analytics Greatest Speakers

Listen to case studies from the best names in the industry. The most influential speakers tune in from around the world to present their expertise!

Hurry up! Ticket price is 2000 SEK for a limited time!

Early Bird Discount expires in


buy ticket 🎫 2000 SEK

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