A case study that demonstrates the practical application of text mining methods in R to identify similarities between roles.

Key Takeaways

  • How text mining methods can be used to identify similarities between documents
  • Similarities between job descriptions may be used to identify unique career opportunities
  • A lot of passive data sources exist within HR, particularly text based
  • Applying machine learning techniques in novel ways may facilitate better HR outcomes


Speaker Bio

Adam leads consulting engagements with business leaders at Merck KGaA—a leader in science & technology, headquartered in Germany, with more than 53.000 employees in 66 countries. Adam began his career in the Australian Army, and has since lived in the US, Austria, UK and Germany, working with various multinational organizations. The focus of his work has been employing data and analytics in organizations to facilitate evidence-based decision making on various HR & strategy topics. He is motivated by using machine learning in innovative ways to address challenging questions. Adam has earned degrees in Psychology, IT, Finance, and Epidemiology.

June 4 @ 14:40
14:40 — 15:10 (30′)

Stage 2 | Advanced People Analytics and Data Management Stage

Adam David McKinnon – Senior Manager People Analytics & Organizational Development | Merck Group