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György Pál Kovács – Head of People Analytics | Ericsson AB

I am an Industrial-organizational psychologist and data science enthusiast with extensive HR data analytics experience, covering all aspects of the full-service and “white-glove” people analytics: reporting optimization, consulting, and project management of complex research projects that involve statistical modelling and machine learning. My goal is to use people analytics to make workers more satisfied, increase business effectiveness and optimize people-related processes. I deeply believe that people deserve that any decision related to them is grounded in thorough research. Above all of this, the most important thing for me in my work is to make sure that the change management aspect of every single analytics project is addressed. After the research is done, decisions, actions and consequences should follow.

May 18 @ 14:25
14:25 — 14:55 (30′)

2022 Day 2 | Stage 3 Advanced People Analytics & Data Management

György Pál Kovács – Head of People Analytics | Ericsson AB