Session Outline

Faced with increased employee turnover in critical talent cohorts, we used a humble, but data-driven technique to identify and quantify retention drivers. Our goal was to find the levers we could pull to affect outcomes at scale, rather than the most sophisticated or even accurate statistical model. Interesting decisions we faced along the way will be explored.

Key Takeaways
  • Why we pursued this project, and how saying ‘No’ to other work made it possible
  • Why the domain expertise found in People Analytics teams make them best suited to surface insights, even when data science capabilities are limited
  • Be aware of the trade-offs you’re making between model accuracy and understandability when deciding on an approach
  • How the simple communicates framework helped decisions get made


Speaker Bio
Kevin Erikson – Head of Talent and Workforce Insights | Novartis

Kevin Erikson is Head of Talent and Workforce Insights at Novartis. He is based in Basel, Switzerland.  The team contributes to Novartis’ mission of reimagining medicine by using data and science to deliver insights about people, organizations, and work gets done. Before this role he led People Analytics for Nestlé’s Asia-Pac & Africa Region.  Kevin started his career with Deloitte Consulting and then earned a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

May 18 @ 16:35
16:35 — 17:05 (30′)

Stage 2 | Applied People and Workforce Analytics Stage

Kevin Erikson – Head of Talent and Workforce Insights | Novartis