Session Outline

Here we facilitate a discussion around “big picture” ideas related to organizational network analysis (ONA). Topics for discussion include what it means to see your organization as a network, how connectedness promotes success, and ONA’s role in the evolution toward remote work and digital transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • Organizations can be represented as networks of relationships, 
  • Performance—at the individual and organizational level—is a function of how knowledge flows in this network.
  • Knowing how to represent your organization as a network is a key valuable capability; knowing how to optimize the knowledge flow across the network is an important addition to next-generation leaders’ skill-sets.



Jan Taug – Ph.D – Partner and Chief Executive Officer | JOIN21

Jan worked with technology businesses as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist for more than 10 years and changed focus from “venture capital to intellectual capital” and completed a multi-disciplinary PhD in California with the title “Intangibles and Capital Conversion in Complex Organizations.” He was then invited to a global telco to apply ideas from my doctoral work to globalize the HQ and its 14 business units in Europe and Asia and worked there for 10 years. It was also important to apply entrepreneurial skills to create change and new business. He also served as an Associate professor at BI – The Norwegian Business School with presence in Norway and China. Now, back as an entrepreneur, as he founded JOIN21—a next-generation technology with clever people with strong values. JOIN21 is focused on the application of network leadership and network analytics to uncover potential and knowledge-sharing and to drive performance and competitiveness.

April 27 @ 10:05
10:05 — 10:45 (40′)

Day 1 | 27th of April

Jan Taug – Ph.D – Partner and Chief Executive Officer | JOIN21