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Mark Hayton – Global Lead – Organization Development Analytics | Nokia

Mark Hayton is the Global Lead for Organization Development Analytics at Nokia, an experienced professional in Human Resources and People Analytics, public speaker, tutor and author of many published articles on employee engagement, culture, organization development and people analytics. He has advised senior executives, conducted both broad sweep and investment targeted industry research with assessments for potential investment predicting unexpected market slowdowns, customer investment patterns and even surprising presidential elections. With over a decade in Nokia mark has garnered experience in HR from strategic resourcing, business partner, core systems and HR development roles applying a mix of coaching, teaching, training, consulting and of course analytics. In his most recent role HR provides proactive and reactive frameworks for executives and HR practitioners that map out employee perceptions across the employee life cycle. As the field of People Analytics has grown, Mark has also evolved the practical application of data, constructing organizational assessment and employee surveys to fill in pockets of data needed to steer the company, and enable personal and team development.

Drawing from a knowledge base of behavioural psychology, microeconomics and game theory, Mark is an advocate of rolling up the sleeves and digging deep into the data to find broad impact interventions for those who can’t see the woods for the Decision Trees or define significance in decimals rather than P values. A fan of Stats, Bots, AI, ML, ‘nudges’ and consultation, his role in Nokia’s most recent transformation is to help HR practitioners understand, focus, support and motivate where it matters most while walking the line between the benefits of people analytics and the uncertain data privacy environment. A firm believer in human-centricity and that people don’t think as much as they think they think.

April 27 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:15 (30′)

Day 1 | 27th of April

Mark Hayton – Global Lead – Organization Development Analytics | Nokia