The year 2020 has proven that we are living in an increasingly inter-connected world, working in widely-distributed organizations with new remote ways of work. And our work is out of sync with this new normal.

Less than 10% of Leaders and employees have ever seen their organization as a Network. The individualistic model of leadership builds silos and shuts the doors of exchanging ideas and knowledge. Network leadership is collective, distributed, open, bottom-up which always positively impacts innovation, efficiency and company culture.

Our product is Google Earth for Organizations.Zoom in to see people and departments. Zoom out to view the organization as a whole and its relations with the external network of customers and partners. You get actionable insights relevant for your work scope, expertise, KPIs and networks – whether you are a chief executive, department leader, project manager, or employee.

We use data – from people, physical space and technology – to detect pain spots and success blockers, reveal the potential of the organization and its people and provide actionable results to fulfill it.

We have designed a set of products under our Network Leadership Suit. It helps people and organizations build cross-boundary networks that make positive impact on various facets of society like democracy, sustainability, and an ethical business community.

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